Air Conditioning...

We supply and install air conditioning units to suit the majority of applications.

In particular Inverter type systems which have the following benefits and features:

Quality manufacturers 
Economical to run. 
Environmentally friendlier having a new up to date refrigerant. 
Cooling and heating. 
Advanced Filter Unit. 
Adjustable air flow and direction. 
Infra red or wall mountable controllers. 
Indoor and Outdoor units are quiet. 
3 Year Warranty (subject to appropriate maintenance being carried out). 
Minimum disruption during installation. 
Health Board approved. 
Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme 

Inverter systems are a very economical method of heating or cooling due to their ability to finely tune their performance to match the demand.



Many inverter systems are included on the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA).

The ECA scheme, managed by the Carbon Trust, is a Government incentive to financially support UK businesses that invest in new energy efficient equipment. Introduced on 1st April 2001, the scheme means that a buildings Climate Change Levy (CCL) on energy tariffs tax is 100% refundable when businesses invest in and fit low carbon technology in their buildings. The scheme also applies to businesses which obtain energy saving equipment for leasing, letting or hire.

The ECA, which applies to equipment fitted in both new and existing buildings, is part of the bid to reduce the UKs carbon dioxide emissions and damage caused by global warming. It is financially viable because it provides up-front tax relief and reduces annual energy costs.

CO2 emissions from air conditioning in the UK for example, have quadrupled in the last 20 years and unless there is better management of this equipment through the use of more inverter-driven products, for example - this growth is expected to continue.

ECAs were introduced at the same time as the Climate Change Levy (CCL), and provide a reward for companies that choose to invest in energy efficient equipment the two work together in a carrot and stick relationship.

With each Governmental scheme that is introduced; the Part L2 of the Building Regulations Act, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Emissions Trading Scheme to name a few, regulations become more stringent and for many, more confusing.

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